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Ta Kung Pao:Again stir-fry to make "govern only" subject Qian donkey of Tsai Ying-wen to exhaust all tricks embarrassed Tai now
Declared to take part in the people of "president" primary election inside the party to unexpectedly take the cremated ashes your work of the father of Ma Ying-jiu Wu recently into chairman Tsai Ying-wen of party an article.Hong Kong 《Ta Kung Pao 》18 daily publications ask to point out, common saying says "the dead is big, He Gu Shou this leads long tired", Tsai Ying-wen doesn't respect first a person and make many Zengs, the campaign opening gun operates "govern only a subject", more convex now people enter party Qian the donkey exhaust all tricks of embarrassed Tai.

The full text takes off a plait as follows:

Ma Ying-jiu father, Ma Hao2 , traverses to die of illness in 2005, at time of death the front still doesn't forget a cross-straits to unify, as a result its cremated ashes altar up engraves to have a scrolls:"Turning is only gradually all and develop China completely.Help strong hand weak, together head into greatly and together."Tsai Ying-wen means while accepting a medium special visiting recently, Ma Hao2 traverses of cremated ashes up engrave the certain context of having"turn only and gradually generally", criticize that Ma Ying-jiu is "all parties" and don't love Taiwan.This speech lets person once acquainted with."Election" in 2007 period, Chen Shui Bian3 sneers at Ma Ying-jiu with the same topic"cheat ballot".He says Ma Shi's father and son a heart, Ma Ying-jiu will inherit father ambition, support unifying and betray Taiwan.Invite to criticize a voice as a result.The public opinion inside the island thought at that time, the campaign principal axis should put in the aspects of political views and morals personal integrity of electing, rather than its family's political principle and value.

Obviously, Chen Shui Bian3 that year "steal a chicken not to become eclipse and chases a rice".Oddness BE, Tsai Ying-wen not only didn't absorb precept and on the contrary still trod flat footsteps, if isn't right and wrong cannot distinguished, may be getting more delirious.Not also, Tsai Ying-wen is very awake.Last Friday she the big battle convened a news conference and declared to contend for 2012 "election", originally thinking will rob medium front page, greatly show off.Extremely anticipate, Japan suffers a strong earthquake of nine classes on that afternoon, the extent of disaster is frightened and make it three the news choosing immediately become fait divers and publicizee effect to greatly reduce.Later on several day, the medium inside the island all put attention at government horse how should to nuclear energy crisis up, Ma Ying-jiu on the contrary became "medium focus".For transfering media view, elects to build power for oneself, camp Cai hence heavy stir-fry Chen Shui Bian3 's"cold rice", knowing perfectly welling will ask for many Nus, also regardless the sacrifice.

The people enters the political guest vulgar election custom the behavior have been denouncing.After Tsai Ying-wen picks up Zhang's people into the party, some people inside the island as to it's once delightfully fresh scholar's image sent to the great and earnest hope and expected her with the people of wild jungle personality enter the political guest can have a dissimilarity, like the lotus similar"proceed from dirty mire but don't dye".However, He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas, Tsai Ying-wen then"the near green is green", Be involved in a people to enter a party, this big dye vat, it political wrist with talk tone already and party domestic affairs the guest is exactly the same.In fact, she leads people to pound at police's defense line at the end of in 2008, protesting against two will leader talks and cause the police and the people's being in physical confliction, delightfully fresh image already the one night to the utmost ruin.

Worther what to pay attention to BE, Tsai Ying-wen lends loosing of Ma Hao2 Ling to wish to again take "govern only a subject" and show that the cross-straits problem will be one of its campaign principal axises.And its position is also very obvious and pass to button up "red hat" for Ma Ying-jiu, own convex"only parties" position now.Certainly, Tsai Ying-wen may not dare"only" the word hangs by the side of the mouth, hence"love Taiwan", "Taiwanese approbation" then became "the smoke plays".The operation"govern only subject", takes an ethnicity antinomy, is a people into the party election of consistently use trick, because the achievement has nothing good to report and has to draw on votes with the empty and incendiary slogan.Look back these three in the last yearses, the people enters a party on flat corruption problem in the house, don't dare to publicize "anti- be greedy for Fu";On the cross-strait relation, still carry out "the pedestal is only" route.In fine, the people after entering a party resign doesn't know a self-reflection, didn't make as well a deep change, tries to ask that party to take what reconstruction votes of confidence?Take an ethnicity problem in the campaign opening gun from Tsai Ying-wen, it is thus clear that the people enters a party is already a Qian donkey to exhaust all tricks.

Tsai Ying-wen not only attackstones Ma Ying-jiu father first, to Ma Ying-jiu also the Ye Yu is some kind of and sneer at its hair style tidy is "building to make", it is thus clear that the future isn't kind.If she is in the party line, and Ma Ying-jiu formally to definitely of in the process, don't know to still need to play what pattern.But the election strategy of this kind of character assassination type, finally whether will change into a people to enter the ballot of party, cause suspicion very much

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