Tangerine, orange, medical value of shaddock


Tangerine, orange, medical value of shaddock
The tangerine, orange, shaddock distinguish that it is just beneficial to eat carefully

On the fruit stall of the north, the tangerine, orange, shaddock can be regarded as " main road " the most Fruit. Depth one getting yellow crust, one petal of pulps, three they though there is very manily bad stature, but the feature is very much the same. However, a lot of people " disposition " to these three kinds of fruits eaten for many years But not qcquainted with, the tangerine will eat too much " the fire has been heavy " ,The orange, shaddock are responsible for "  Put out the fire " . Chinese medicine doctor to the tangerine, orange, the shaddock one "  The personality " Have analyzed, help you to eat well, eat fruits correctly one by one for you.


Open to hold in place with a net, reduce phlegm qi and blood living  " temper "  But have a little "  Cruel"

" disposition "   Sex flat and warm, bad smell sweet and sour, have promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, and efficiency that stomach moisten the lung. In addition, the peel of the tangerine is used as medicine and called dried orange peel, there is relieving cough, invigorate the spleen and the result of the stomach of regulating the flow of vital energy drily wetly, reduce phlegm; Vascular aurantii (netted collateral channels on the flesh of tangerine) Have open ability of holding reducing phlegm, pleasant blood circulation promoting in place with a net too. However, the tangerine " temper " A little " fiery " ,So it is apt to get angry to eat too much.

The suitable crowd has deficiency of stomach-Yin, mouth that do the persons of symptoms such as drinking, hiccup regurgitation, cough,etc. more, have certain therapeutic effect eat, especially right to cough, breathe heavily 10 of patient " to the ill " .

Careful to eat every crowd appear abdominal distension, person who digest after a meal often, either mouth do but like, drink more, stool number of times and unobstructed more, and physique overweight person, is better to eat less, in case that " add fuel to the flames " .


The treatment eats few and light few mouths  Diabetes patient "  The holy fruit "

" disposition "   Sex cold and cool, bad smell acid greater than sweet, have, clear away heat, raise overcast promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, moistening the lung reducing phlegm, clear enteric profit efficiency of relieving oneself, can cure food little, mouth widowed light, indigestion,etc. symptom. And modern medical science discover, besides containing abundant vitamin C in the pulp of the shaddock, the containing type insulin composition yet, can lower blood glucose, and the variety is good with shaddock, pomelo shaddock in Shatian.

The suitable crowd has body of deficiency of Yin thin, digestive function weakening, vexed timid dry all relatively suitable symptom persons, the person who suffers from hyperlipemia, chronic digestive function obstacle should eat in right amount too. Need to especially point out, a lot of fruits are regarded as " the formidable enemy " by the diabetic ,The shaddock is theirs "  The holy fruit " ,Can eat in right amount under the guidance of doctor.

Careful to eat crowd to be shaddock the same as fruits, although a fine to can't eat either one immoderate. Take shaddock to have taboo too, for example appear four limbs edema, afraid cold to fear cold, abdominal distension, diarrhoea, stool often rare half congealed getting shapeless people of symptom, should eat few.


There is many VC to replenish vital essence and remove heat  " personality "  Bring slightly " cold-bloodedly "

" disposition "   Sex a little cool, bad smell sour and sweet, have, replenish vital essence and remove heat, promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, invigorate the spleen and spurt the efficiency that the liver nourishes the stomach. In addition, " past master " that the orange relieves alcoholic intoxication The first, and contain abundant vitamin C (VC) .

Suitable crowd: It is irritated and hot, drink thirstily more, whether or indigestion that deficiency of stomach-Yin caused, drink excessive, nausea vomit at the question, there is no harm in eat more orangesing, especially secrete reducing to those hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and the fat of blood, the disorderly one of blood glucose are more suitable. Because orange contain abundant vitamin C, so want, strengthen people of immunity might as well eat more in winter.

Eat crowds carefully  Because the orange "  The personality " Bring slightly " cold-bloodedly " ,So the spleen and stomach are timid and cold, is afraid coldly and afraid coolly, the person of abdominal distension should eat few after the meal, will make symptom or condition become more serious so as not to eat too much.

Relevant chaining? Grow and eat it

Peel porridge of tangerine  Shaddock and tea  Invigorate yin and moisten the lung "  The fruit treatment " 

Besides growing and eating, in cold winter, also use " staple goods " of these three kinds of fruits as luck would have it ,The efficiency of the food therapy can arise to. The ones that introduce several kinds of climate which is suitable for Beijing below "  The fruit treatment "  .

 Peel porridge of tangerine

Method: While boiling the porridge of rice, put the small clean tangerine peels of several before water boils, endure together with rice and is familiar with.

Curative effect: Cough phlegm more or feel chest abdominal distension all over people often winter, often eat and can slow down symptom.

 Orange sparerib

Method: Slice, clean sparerib, ginger slice, spring onions slice, fetch 2 orange, a half cut the thin slice, the rest are pressed into a juice; The sparerib section is precise with salt, chicken, honey, orange juice are stired evenly, and put slightly; Sparerib enter oil cauldron little fire fry to golden yellow, then pull out out the pan, yard is put into the plate neatly, put several slices of orange thin slices above; A small amount of oil is put in the pan, quench into the orange juice, add a little water starch and thicken soup, water it on the sparerib and orange thin slice.

Curative effect: Replenish vital essence and remove heat, promote and digest.

 Honey shaddock and tea
|||||||| || | | | | |
Method: Clean a shaddock, steep for 5 minutes with the warm water; Dry the shaddock, pare the lower epidermis and cut a filament, peel the pulp the seed, make into a mud form with the mixer; Quench all of mud of pulp and skin into the clean pan, add a little water, crystal sugar to stir while boiling, it is sticky to boil expiring by; Cool, add honey to mix thoroughly; Put the shaddock and tea into clean container to seal, stand for 10-15 days and can eat.

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