Food therapy of raising the liver


Food therapy of raising the liver
Chinese medicine thinks, raise the liver and make food a priority, the correct food therapy can help the liver to arrange and regulate the flow of vital energy maliciously.

Expert think water-melon have, clear away heat, detoxify irritated quench the thirst, function that diuresis step down, the ones that first elect raise the liver naturally "  Good medicine " . Because the water-melon moisture is plentiful, a lot of people think that it means drinking water to eat water-melons. However, the candy that a water-melon includes is equivalent to two apples or pears, if eat water-melons, the quantity of other fruits will be reduced.

In addition, tomato, lemon, plum,etc. all well protect liver vegetables and fruits too.

Drink tea grow liver good method, chrysanthemum, green tea, honey, Matrimony vine,etc. may make tea and raise the liver very too.

In addition, the nuts of walnut-meat, American pistachios,etc., it is anxious to often eat and can disperse the depressed liver-energy and regulate the flow of vital energy, relieve. Soybeans and the soyfood contain abundant protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, B clan vitamin and a small amount of fat, it is very beneficial to repair the liver.

|,|, The insufficient person as to diseases with such symptoms as costal pain,etc., if there is complexion that turns to be yellow, can't sleeps well, often feels the timid disease, can eat animal's liver once every week, raise the liver with the liver.

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