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South water north's adjusting is an important marine hydraulic engineering, the influence is profound, must carry on well, dependable argument, withstand a historical examination, be responsible for the descendant posterity.

Adjusting water is a system engineering,
have to orchestrate to give attention to both.

The water conservancy department total programming puts forward a good standpoint, is a south water north adjusting engineering not only need to solve the northern water resources seriously runs short a problem, also need to carry out the reasonable allocations of Yangtze River, river four greatest river valleys in Huaihe, yellow river and sea water resources, form the water net of "four horizontal three Zongses".This is an overall situation of, the standpoint of system, the orchestration considers to adjust water area and is subjected to economic efficiency of water area, social efficiency and ecosystem efficiency.

The end purpose that the south water north adjusts repairs water for north and makes north economic, society and ecosystem get a healthy development and also want to make river Chinese river valley in the meantime of economic, society and ecosystem get a healthy development, this is called "the double wins".Make use of natural behavior service, have to follow natural regulation.I specially concern downstream, Yangtze River downstream in the man river and go out to sea oscular ecosystem and adjust water future reunion to have what influence.Some problems are hard to anticipate, the variety of nature usually outruns people's imagination.On this problem, should also allow to announce a different opinion.Listen to different opinion more, can make our projects been getting more perfect.The influence that adjusts water to the downstream in the man river for the sake of the decrease, the project arranged to lead benefit man, prosperous vital point of river, parts of Zha station extension tie department channels whole cure engineering.These measure is enough not enough, can also very good argument.Debt after don't waiting history to calculate for us.

Our policy wants to tend benefit to avoid to harm, think difficulty much some, chase a work well done some, as far as possible reduce disadvantageous influence.Therefore, practical solution adjusts the outstanding problem of water engineering so much and mainly is ecosystem problem and cures a dirty problem and immigrates a problem.

The college’s unique approach in training students to become experts in Human Resources Management sees a focus on: human planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, employee training and development, occupational health and safety, compensation and benefits, employee relations, labour relations and human resource management systems. In addition to these standard topics, current trends are covered as is diversity, human rights, the promotion of positive union and management relations. The program also balances the Human Resources aspects with business administration through training on how to analyze and interpret financial and accounting information for decision-making purposes. Finally, the use of integrated human resource systems software and computer skills to manage information and support decision-making is taught. This teaching is facilitated through the use of microcomputer training in popular business software such as Excel, Access and SAP.

There are many benefits in attending this program at Centennial College. First and foremost, the first three semesters of the Human Resources Management are common to all business programs, which provides you with a good overview of business administration before you being to specialize in one area. It also gives you the opportunity to switch majors if you realize that this program is not for you. If you choose to stay in the program and achieve the minimum C grade average (2.0 GPA) needed to graduate, you may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with selected universities, institutes and professional associations. These partnerships allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study. The Human Resources Management program’s partners include: Athabasca University, Lakehead University, Northwood University U.S.A.,
Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, and University of Lethbridge.


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