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It is important that entrepreneurs who are planning to register a company in Singapore are knowledgeable enough on what things are much needed for the registration. Being knowledgeable on the registration requirements and process will make the registration fast and enable businessmen to operate immediately. Singapore is globally known to be one of the most successful countries in the business world. Because of this reputation, we would like to present to you some basic considerations that will help you register a Singapore company.

Company Name: An eligible company name should be approved by the Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore.

Shareholders: It is valid if the company do have at least one corporate or individual shareholding and a maximum of 50 shareholders. Shareholders can either be 100% foreigner or a combination of resident and foreign shareholders.
The business consultant of Asiabizservices says that a private company has a group of shareholders that cannot exceed 50 and which cannot ask the public to invest in it. Its capital is raised among the small group of shareholders privately or through availing bank loans.

“In the Articles of Association submitted to ACRA during its registration, the rules governing the transfer of share and the internal affairs of the company are stipulated.”

Hence, the shareholders ought to seek for an approval from directors before shares can be sold or transferred.

In exempt private, its shareholders are all natural persons exceeding not more than 20. Exempt private companies are exempted from filing their financial accounts, however, they are obliged to submit their annual tax returns to ACRA. Also, during its registration, the company director should sign a certificate verifying that the company can meet its liabilities, that is is an exempt private company, and its annual accounts are presented before its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

A limited liability partnership maintains perpetual succession. In its name, the company is entitled to own or dispose assets and engage in lawsuit. Its members may agree on how profits and losses are disseminated.

To register, Asiabizservices continues saying, “there should be 1 local resident director who is either a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.” The person could also be qualified should that individual is a foreigner yet holds a labor pass.

Singapore provides financial assistance to small and medium enterprises. It also devised financial programs to help foreign companies establish a regional office in Singapore. terbbgju hkoythfn hrtedjnfdujtru

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