Chinese consul general


Chinese consul general to Houston mound win cloud and vice consul general Mr. and Mrs. is and cultural, educational consul seven 8 people show up and participate in to sign to sell the book. Mound consul general say high works of Qian understand for U.S.A. peer China help greatly deliver a speech, call her the goodwill ambassador in U.S.A. in China. This is very great encouragement to her. 
Academician of U.S.A. national technical college Dr. Harris once went to China on behalf of World Bank and development item of the United Nations, met by state leaders such as Deng Xiaoping,etc. many times. He and wife Elizabeth visit China 30 more than, read the first draft of the diary publish " whether the west to the east " book, yet in high Qian, mailed a card for high Qian, wrote many that encouraged, and then would urge and publish this book. As soon as the book was published, he bought 20 to give to his friends. One day, he and his wife told us excitedly, they found unexpectedly, have, sell " the west get the east " in Beijing Friendship Store of hotel, cheerfully to deposit book buy all store they, give on every people in Beijing, he wife say to someone else very proudly: "This writer is our friend! "   
Act as the good cheering squad (2)   
To the child's every activity, parents should participate in, act as the good cheering squad too. Participate in enthusiastically, praise appropriately, really appreciate children from the deep of the heart, will bring and encourage much more strongly good result than the empty mouth. The compliment ardent to the child of the person around, is the powerful motive force that the child advances too. Thus, the growing up healthy and sound of a child, the warm, friendly interpersonal environment that can't leave.     
Move towards the society  Do not make " the bottom hole tortoise "   
Go out of the door and widen knowledge   
--Begin from talent's juvenile centre 
Let children go out of the door, participate in the after-school activities, go to the external world to have a look more, get to know different culture background, person of the personality characteristic, can widen the visual field, increase experience, will bring the benefited influence all one's life on the early development of intelligence and communication ability. 
When high Qian is in grade five, learn accidentally from the school famous Johns John Hopkins University has " talent's juvenile centre " ,Abbreviated as CTY (Center for Talent Youth) ,Every summer run the project in summer vacation time for the students in middle and primary schools. 
Johns John Hopkins University is an extremely well-known university. This university made 26 the Nobel laureates altogether. This Buddhist nuns of psychology professors of school Julien and Stein established talent's juvenile centre in 1972, this centre has been already for those precocious ones "  The talent " The teenager offers more advanced course and offers and expands the chance of knowledge after class, it is confirmed toward this centre to pass at the same time"  The talent " The teenager studies, form it to " talent " Share and consult in the teenager's special education, research, analysis, information dissemination, and even offer a whole set of service for formulation of the public policy. 
Learning this information, I expect suddenly, this is a good chance to train the child. I have made a telephone, receive the project manual of summer vacation time of 1993 soon, know CTY opened the study class for the students all around the world every summer vacation time from it, five, six grade except that there are mathematics, English, writing course that student offer among them, there is course which general primary schools do not make, for instance drama literature, the United Nations, international relations, environmental science, geography and world culture,etc., these courses were obviously offered for the leading precocious children of thinking. 
Centre this offer course charge nearly 2 000 dollars 3 week. But CTY offers the scholarships of different grades. We have analyzed that think high Qian can be expected to obtain scholarships. First, she once got several the one, second place in the border mathematics match at school; Second, she studies law, the west, Chinese leadingly; Third, she leading to test SAT have an examination, SAT score has up to 940 already. The achievement in that year, divide tall and big about 20 even than the whole America high school the middle of examinee, it is that it is divided in the middle of students that the ordinary university enrolls. 
Have described above these condition as foundation to apply for scholarship, left thing to ask Mr. to write the recommendation, write the cover letter, write an application thesis, add one more Resume by oneself. These are not required by application procedures, but I give her the idea happening. 
The pen and ink without sparing of coach Mrs. Williams of mathematics of high Qian, has written a recommendation. She says in the letter: "High Qian participated in the regional elementary mathematics contest of high school in February of this year, got the first trophies of the groups of grade six, mark of her have higher best results than seven grade and eight grade group '   Grade six to eight uses the same examination paper  ),Over the past 5 years, I have led the students to participate in this match, the score of high Qian is my best result being seen during these years " ; " in the classroom, I have had experience of her incredible abundant knowledge " ; " whether she love, study really, face cover with, smile always, have bright attitudes to life " . Finally, she has also written a word like this: "I must not imagine besides Qian, who else can enjoy such an honor, obtain such a scholarship. " Use the such one "  Tough" The word is written with the recommendation, it is easy to find out the great kindness to her of this teacher. 

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