Play the video game


Geng DongLiang has arranged a sentence of lies, but can not say. Geng DongLiang have to say honestly: "Play the video game. " 
"I have waited for you for one afternoon. You make me angry. " The look of the bright jade tablet is said seriously, " you are degenerating, my child. " 
The supposition accumulates the algae and brings in an iced water-melon. She puts the water-melon on the tabletop, says softly: "Children are all so old, you always say the so unpleasant words. " Geng DongLiang stands in the middle where bright jade tablet and supposition accumulate the algae. No " look like " Face parents, " yes " Face parents. 
The bright jade tablet is very excited. But can restrain. He leaves up, has struck two shoulders of Geng DongLiang's with both hands, " you look   We agreed   We have our plans. " 
It is on in silence in the east to be dedicated. His shoulders feel the tremble of the bright jade tablet. He is restraining. 
" the new term begins you live in be my family before, " Bright jade tablet say " I can see you become a wild horse. " 
Geng DongLiang talked suddenly. He even gives oneself a start too as soon as he opened one's mouth. Geng DongLiang says: "I want to play on a summer vacation carefully, I do not want to sing, I am a little tired. " 
Geng DongLiang does not believe either that will explain this sentence by oneself, but but there are a share of one that can not says easily after explaining. This sentence is a mouthful of phlegm, it seems to have some day an inside of his throat to stop up. Geng DongLiang knows this sentence will be vomited from one's own mouth sooner or later, can't swallow.   

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