we want to do intelligence in hope


You want to do better, the realistic condition is not allowed. You want to do better, but you are tired, the health is not allowed. You want to do better, your interpersonal relationships do not have so many conditions. 
Your hope and reality are always in the contradiction. 
This kind of contradiction is very essential, wound people very much. This is wounded, we can say nobody basic can avoid. Unless produce house to the temple, must practise Buddhism or Taoism very well, the general monk is still not all right. Sometimes I go in the temple, the expression is very vulgar too to see some Buddhist monks, hold the mobile phone, contact the customer very fast at a fast pace, sell to various burning incenses, some still take commission, such a Buddhist monk affirms that there are a lot of selfish ideas and personal considerations too. So I think the contradiction prevent from while being very much difficult generally speaking. 
But big to certain extent, while tormenting us, consuming us in this kind of contradiction, watch out for. 
Bring the literary world to say, some writers are very tall in expectancy to one's own works, the response is mediocre after coming out. Some directors make a film, the course shot is hopeful, but the result is not so ideal. Then, as the writer, as the director, he must feel a pain very much. This kind of lethality is very terrible. 
Expand to the masses ofer crowds, the hope and realistic conflict are general, no one will absolutely avoid. 
Our hope is certainly a bit higher than possibility. If the hope is lower than possibility, would need doing on nothing, would lie there having a rest. 
However, if the disparity between hope and possibility is too big, we will fall into the hope and persecute syndrome. 
Must be sober, control oneself. 
Concrete problem want, analyze what hope suit you, what hope fit for you, what hopes want adjustment. 
Adhere to the hope at some time, the powerhouse, for the wise. Why? This hope of his should insist on, often insists again that succeeds. If give up the hope at this time, or someone advises you to give up the hope, must be wrong. 
However, some hopes should be given up, because it has consumed your energy meaninglessly, the result given up, not because make you get few, but make you consume few. The result consumed few, make you get greater achievement through the same efforts. 
Sometimes some friends and I say that the hope is adjusted, some people do not think is worth listening at the beginning. Why? Because people are not willing to to give up the hope, the hope seems very positive, very the brightness. However, when the hope wounds you, when the goal of making you reach originally is unable to reach, you should know where is wrong. 
So, it is a very great problem of reducing the extraneous expense to prevent the hope from persecuting syndrome. 
Even the person with very high comprehensibility, will often examine this. 
If you can adjust the hope from today, some insist on more yet than the past, some make, subdue a bit, some make some give up, result, you work make getting kind than the past, the body is healthier, the undertaking has succeeded even more, this is named rational hope. 
Be good at working as one's own teacher. 
Saying the words does not want you to just give up, give up and should give up, insist that will insist on. 
Some places should subdue, perhaps some places can also increase too.   
Appendix ¡é?: Dispel 12 kinds of extraneous expense (12)   
The more important thing is the hope and realistic conflict should be within a rational limit. 
As the hope and realistic conflict intensity can stimulate you to create, keep the good state, when and there are certain physical and mental health attitudes, this kind of conflict is rational. 
As this kind of conflict has wounded you, let you consume more, make you worried, let you unable to extricate oneself from a plight, it is unreasonable. 
Hope the friends can review to some extent since present. 
I came over from you step by step so in youth too, I understood you very much. 
Then, a creator, will he have a hope? Must have. 
Adjust one's own hope, it is an essential route to realize hope that oneself should be realized. 
Sometimes I consult, find they have mistaken ideas in life for some young friends, can not do better, even if because the hope is unreasonable, no hope could be realized finally. 
So, |||| we want to do intelligence in hope. 

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