let you agony


The method that the card combs, is a kind of correct behavior. 
Such correct behavior, help you to solve " filling the air consumption " This kind of extraneous expense. 
Eighth, excessive tense and dangerous sense: Overstating consumption 
The fourth kind of surplus consumption, I let, it " overstating consumption " . 
Some lets "  Overstating consumption "  The woolen cloth? Some people are always nervous excessively in life, feel the danger excessively. 
It is essential that the essential one is tense, it is exaggerative that the unnecessary one is tense. 
Sometimes those unnecessary intension takes up one's energy very much. 
The coach wants to make athletes get rid of the unnecessary intension, could give play to the good result. Athletes are not nervous and not all right at all, will want the match tomorrow, he does not also have thing people today. Lifter's competition of tomorrow, eat and drink extravagantly today, will not consider at all whether the weight will be overweight tomorrow. Not tense and not all right at all, but the unnecessary intension wounds people very much.   
Appendix ¡é?: Dispel 12 kinds of extraneous expense (11)   
Certain dangerous sense is needed. For example there is the competition in the work, have crisis awareness to one's own situation. The cooperation between you and customer has a kind of sense of insecurity, fight for. 
But if exaggerate such tense sense, sense of insecurity, dangerous sense, this kind of " overstating consumption " Wound people very much. 
Please pay attention to Lenovo, do you have this kind of consumption? 
If any, must change cognition too, adopt the behavior, to dispel it. 
Ninth, worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships 
We explained four pieces of general inclination just now, explained four kinds of surplus consumption, had already explained eight pieces of extraneous expense. 
What are four pieces of extraneous expense spoken below? 
It is four kinds "  Syndrome "  . 
First, some friends think the organizational affiliation not suitable everywhere, this kind of feeling is very strong, I call it "  The worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships "  . 
Modern's all life in the interpersonal relationships, a lot of people are stranded in the interpersonal relationships. 
Generally speaking, young people discuss the situation, talk about surviving, discuss the pressure, the primary importance is a job, that get in touch closely is almost interpersonal relationships with the work. Some people's interpersonal relationships are smoother, others have unfortunate interpersonal relationships. However, when the smooth person is unfortunate. The interpersonal relationships have relation with higher authorities, the relation with colleague, the relation with subordinate, relation with customer,it have and not work about life last relation. When these relations can not be dealt with suitably, you produced the trouble. 
Fall into this trouble, this kind of syndrome wounds you. 
If you are often stranded in the interpersonal relationships in life, you should watch out for. 
You are tired, develop not ideal enough in your life, a certain discomfort, unhealthy of your health, a certain less than satisfactory in the work, have something to do with this. Because it is perplexing you, the heart that it is assigning you, make you often awkward in the heart. 
This kind is awkward, even more hard than to do the work for one day. 
How to prevent this kind from being hard from pulling out the body in the worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships, it is very important. 
Tenth, hope persecute syndrome 
Second syndrome wound area to be heavy, ask " the hope persecute syndrome " . 
We can often experience, our hope, our purpose and possible contradiction of the reality. 
The |||| contradiction very fierce, let you agony. 

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