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Chinese success' shooting "medium star the 10th" satellite will take over "medium star 5 Bs"
0:13 on the 21th Peking time, China uses "go on a long journey No.3 B" carrier rocket in the west Chang satellite blast-off center and send to "in star the 10th" satellite successfully the space schedule to transfer orbit.

"Medium star the 10th" satellite blast-off goes up the sky about after 26 minutes, satellite in Xian measures to control the data that the center spreads to express, the star arrows separates, satellite succeed near go into the vicinity district order highly for 207 kilometers and far order height for 42225 kilometers of, orbit Qing the Cape synchronously transfer orbit for 26.3 degrees Earth.

According to the introduction, "medium star the 10th" satellite is an Earth used for broadcasting and corresponded by letter to hold still orbit correspondence satellite, from Chinese aerospace science and technology group company the Chinese space technique belonged to the institute for research develops for lord, is the 5th satellite that the "east red the fourth" satellite platform that develops according to the Chinese independence produces.That satellite design life span 13.5 years, load 30 Cs repeatedly segment and 16 Kus repeatedly the segment forward a machine and have big capacity, Gao credibility, longevity life etc. technique characteristics, will satisfy China and the west second and south second etc. nation and customer in the region's correspondence, the broadcasting television, data to deliver, the number breadth take the applied need of multi-media etc. business.

Undertake this time"go on a long journey No.3 B" carrier rocket that the satellite shoots a task is developed by the Chinese carrier rocket technique institute for research that Chinese aerospace science and technology group company belongs to.This is that China"Long March" series carrier rocket the 138th-time aerospace flies.

Medium total west Chang satellite party Wei secretary in blast-off center protect to mean, the center's[one] new high definition aerospace's shooting a task has already prologized.In the launch site aerospace research troops, the large party member has been developing vanguard model the function on the organization posts, such as management and important technique...etc. of important aerospace taskThis time at set up a party day eve 90 anniversaries are successful to shoot "in star the 10th" of satellite, is also to in the total 90-year-old birthday dedicate a last gift.

The success blast-off of "medium star the 10th" satellite is Chinese Wei satellite space segment resources service ability promotes further of full embodiment, it will satisfy China and the broadcasting television, data of customer in the Pacific Asia region to deliver, the number breadth take multimedia etc. apply need.

Zhuo super introduction says that the Chinese Wei is the predominant satellite of the Chinese hinterland luck camp company, with satellite space segment luck camp, geography information service, satellite ground luck camp service for core business, push forward east Tuo the west expand, the space segment of the global layout resources strategy, create the independent correspondence ability of overlay world hard.Currently, the Chinese Wei luck camp also manages 10 Earths synchronous orbit satellite and undertakes 260 sets of local television programs and 230 sets of satellites of broadcast programs to deliver and safety broadcast task and a great deal of correspondence to deliver business, have already successfully provided the satellite broadcasting the television for Peking Olympic Games, and Shanghai World Exposition...etc. important activity and correspondence SSL.

As the "national brigade" and the one who get soldier of China geography information industry, the Chinese Wei has already led business the Earth with world be like to cooperate with an United States company of geography space information market, will provide the world top-grade satellite Yao an image data, the satellite Yao image data the processing and the satellite Yao image data synthesize applied service.In the meantime, correspondence business in the satellite ground of the Chinese Wei for finance, particularly the net provide one the Lan sub- satellite the system integrate service, establishment rise satellite ground luck the camp total net terrace, actively push forward a ship to carry correspondence, machine to carry correspondence service.

The Zhuo is super to say, Chinese Wei"25" targets are to become the first in Asia, international top-grade satellite luck camp company and provide to face to the hundred million customer's world integral whole satellite correspondence broadcasting special feature to turn of carry camp service

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