pearl is varied


The pearl presses the color and produce a classification respectively The shape of pearl is varied, there is circular, pear form and egg form, teardrop form and Niu buttonning up a form and arbitrarily form, take circular as among them good.Quality body not and all.The color contains white, pink, thin yellow, pale green color, light blue, brown, lavender, and black...etc. and regards white as principle.White scar.Have typical pearl sheen, the sheen is soft and takes the Hong dizzy color.Transparent go to translucent.Fold light to lead 1.530-1.686, double refractive index 0.156.Have no color to spread a phenomenon.Degree of hardness 2.5-4.5.The density of natural fresh water pearl is generally a 2.66-2.78 gs|cm 3, have difference because the habitat is different.Have no solution to manage.The tenacity is better.Outside the purple short-wave only under the pearl show white, thin yellow, pale green color, blue fluorescence, the black pearl delivers pale red color fluorescence;The X shoots line the bottom is thin yellow fluorescence of white.Meet hydrochloric acid to rise a bubble. Pearl in Southern Asia Pearl in Southern Asia means to be produced to south Pacific Ocean littoral state in the waters of natural or the sea water pearl of farming, it produces a bead shell mainly for the big bead female shell or Ma Shi Bei and mainly produces a country to include Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Thai etc..Farming pearl in Southern Asia is a market to weigh a baby most currently of upscale sea water pearl source.The color of pearl in Southern Asia mainly with white fasten for lord, also have the part as golden color, but the yield is very few and estimate the yearly production is lower than a 100 kgs, mainly Be produced to an Australia, Burma and Malaysia etc. country. The tower is rare to lift black pearl The tower is rare to lift black pearl(Tahiti, and then translate river ground black pearl in Chengkong University), mainly from Be distributed to southern latitudes 0~20?, East longitude 150?~180?The black Die shell of the waters of near square production, among them very the part comes from the group of islands that constitutes to°from the coral reef of become water marsh in.The natural black pearl about appears by 18th century and once suffered the artificial disaster of severity in 19th century.Start an artificial farming at the beginning of 60's in 20th century, produced the first to criticize one 000 black farming pearls in 1965, the tower on the market was rare to lift black pearl currently of overwhelming majority is farming pearl. Japanese sea water farming pearl Japan is the harbinger of modern sea water farming pearl, 90's in 20th century ago, the Japanese sea water farming pearl was the leading role of international market, the tallest year produced sea water pearl over the 100 ts, therefore inside a period of time, the good sea water farming pearl was again called Akoya bead( the section graceful bead), mainly because at that time the farming pearl quality of Akoya in bay region in the south of Japan had better, at international possess the cause of great reputation on the market. China south china sea sea water farming pearl China south china sea sea water farming the pearl is large-scale to get into an international market is a 80's in 20th century, the current yield has already approached the level of Japanese sea water pearl.The our country sea water farming pearl mainly the thunder state peninsula and sea south from river bank and the North Sea, Guangdong in matching of Guangxi of three second etc. ground. Fresh water farming pearl The fresh water pearl mainly distributes in the northern latitudes in the world 20~40 of, the fresh water pearl mainly grows in river's river and the lake.Famous"north bead" is the representative of this kind of natural fresh water pearl on the Chinese history.Jot down according to the history cultural heritage, this kind of pearl mainly produces from lake and river of Heilongjiang river valley, as a result again have lake bead of call.Japan uses to the pearl shell of farming fresh water bead is belong to Hyriopis Schegeli of Yi shell(pond Die clam), but China use to farming fresh water pearl of mainly is the plait line hat clam(CristariaPlicata),triangle Fan clam(Hyriopsis cumingi) and carry on the back the lump beautiful clam and clam etc., the pearl cultivating by triangle Fan clam among them is worth of tallest.

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