success' shooting "medium

2011-Jun-21, 01:40

Chinese success' shooting "medium star the 10th" satellite will take over "medium star 5 Bs"
0:13 on the 21th Peking time, China uses "go on a long journey No.3 B" carrier rocket in the west Chang satellite blast-off center and send to "in star the 10th" satellite successfully the space schedule to transfer orbit.

"Medium star the 10th" satellite blast-off goes up the sky about after 26 minutes, satellite in Xian measures to control the data that the center spreads to express, the star arrows separates, satellite succeed near go into the vicinity district order highly for 207 kilometers and far order height for 42225 kilometers of, orbit Qing the Cape synchronously transfer orbit for 26.3 degrees Earth.

According to the introduction, "medium star the 10th" satellite is an Earth used for broadcasting and corresponded by letter to hold still orbit correspondence satellite, from Chinese aerospace science and technology group company the Chinese space technique belonged to the institute for research develops for lord, is the 5th satellite that the "east red the fourth" satellite platform that develops according to the Chinese independence produces.That satellite design life span 13.5 years, load 30 Cs repeatedly segment and 16 Kus repeatedly the segment forward a machine and have big capacity, Gao credibility, longevity life etc. technique characteristics, will satisfy China and the west second and south second etc. nation and customer in the region's correspondence, the broadcasting television, data to deliver, the number breadth take the applied need of multi-media etc. business.

Undertake this time"go on a long journey No.3 B" carrier rocket that the satellite shoots a task is developed by the Chinese carrier rocket technique institute for research that Chinese aerospace science and technology group company belongs to.This is that China"Long March" series carrier rocket the 138th-time aerospace flies.

Medium total west Chang satellite party Wei secretary in blast-off center protect to mean, the center's[one] new high definition aerospace's shooting a task has already prologized.In the launch site aerospace research troops, the large party member has been developing vanguard model the function on the organization posts, such as management and important technique...etc. of important aerospace taskThis time at set up a party day eve 90 anniversaries are successful to shoot "in star the 10th" of satellite, is also to in the total 90-year-old birthday dedicate a last gift.

The success blast-off of "medium star the 10th" satellite is Chinese Wei satellite space segment resources service ability promotes further of full embodiment, it will satisfy China and the broadcasting television, data of customer in the Pacific Asia region to deliver, the number breadth take multimedia etc. apply need.

Zhuo super introduction says that the Chinese Wei is the predominant satellite of the Chinese hinterland luck camp company, with satellite space segment luck camp, geography information service, satellite ground luck camp service for core business, push forward east Tuo the west expand, the space segment of the global layout resources strategy, create the independent correspondence ability of overlay world hard.Currently, the Chinese Wei luck camp also manages 10 Earths synchronous orbit satellite and undertakes 260 sets of local television programs and 230 sets of satellites of broadcast programs to deliver and safety broadcast task and a great deal of correspondence to deliver business, have already successfully provided the satellite broadcasting the television for Peking Olympic Games, and Shanghai World Exposition...etc. important activity and correspondence SSL.

As the "national brigade" and the one who get soldier of China geography information industry, the Chinese Wei has already led business the Earth with world be like to cooperate with an United States company of geography space information market, will provide the world top-grade satellite Yao an image data, the satellite Yao image data the processing and the satellite Yao image data synthesize applied service.In the meantime, correspondence business in the satellite ground of the Chinese Wei for finance, particularly the net provide one the Lan sub- satellite the system integrate service, establishment rise satellite ground luck the camp total net terrace, actively push forward a ship to carry correspondence, machine to carry correspondence service.

The Zhuo is super to say, Chinese Wei"25" targets are to become the first in Asia, international top-grade satellite luck camp company and provide to face to the hundred million customer's world integral whole satellite correspondence broadcasting special feature to turn of carry camp service

pearl is varied

2011-Apr-4, 02:13

The pearl presses the color and produce a classification respectively The shape of pearl is varied, there is circular, pear form and egg form, teardrop form and Niu buttonning up a form and arbitrarily form, take circular as among them good.Quality body not and all.The color contains white, pink, thin yellow, pale green color, light blue, brown, lavender, and black...etc. and regards white as principle.White scar.Have typical pearl sheen, the sheen is soft and takes the Hong dizzy color.Transparent go to translucent.Fold light to lead 1.530-1.686, double refractive index 0.156.Have no color to spread a phenomenon.Degree of hardness 2.5-4.5.The density of natural fresh water pearl is generally a 2.66-2.78 gs|cm 3, have difference because the habitat is different.Have no solution to manage.The tenacity is better.Outside the purple short-wave only under the pearl show white, thin yellow, pale green color, blue fluorescence, the black pearl delivers pale red color fluorescence;The X shoots line the bottom is thin yellow fluorescence of white.Meet hydrochloric acid to rise a bubble. Pearl in Southern Asia Pearl in Southern Asia means to be produced to south Pacific Ocean littoral state in the waters of natural or the sea water pearl of farming, it produces a bead shell mainly for the big bead female shell or Ma Shi Bei and mainly produces a country to include Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Thai etc..Farming pearl in Southern Asia is a market to weigh a baby most currently of upscale sea water pearl source.The color of pearl in Southern Asia mainly with white fasten for lord, also have the part as golden color, but the yield is very few and estimate the yearly production is lower than a 100 kgs, mainly Be produced to an Australia, Burma and Malaysia etc. country. The tower is rare to lift black pearl The tower is rare to lift black pearl(Tahiti, and then translate river ground black pearl in Chengkong University), mainly from Be distributed to southern latitudes 0~20?, East longitude 150?~180?The black Die shell of the waters of near square production, among them very the part comes from the group of islands that constitutes to°from the coral reef of become water marsh in.The natural black pearl about appears by 18th century and once suffered the artificial disaster of severity in 19th century.Start an artificial farming at the beginning of 60's in 20th century, produced the first to criticize one 000 black farming pearls in 1965, the tower on the market was rare to lift black pearl currently of overwhelming majority is farming pearl. Japanese sea water farming pearl Japan is the harbinger of modern sea water farming pearl, 90's in 20th century ago, the Japanese sea water farming pearl was the leading role of international market, the tallest year produced sea water pearl over the 100 ts, therefore inside a period of time, the good sea water farming pearl was again called Akoya bead( the section graceful bead), mainly because at that time the farming pearl quality of Akoya in bay region in the south of Japan had better, at international possess the cause of great reputation on the market. China south china sea sea water farming pearl China south china sea sea water farming the pearl is large-scale to get into an international market is a 80's in 20th century, the current yield has already approached the level of Japanese sea water pearl.The our country sea water farming pearl mainly the thunder state peninsula and sea south from river bank and the North Sea, Guangdong in matching of Guangxi of three second etc. ground. Fresh water farming pearl The fresh water pearl mainly distributes in the northern latitudes in the world 20~40 of, the fresh water pearl mainly grows in river's river and the lake.Famous"north bead" is the representative of this kind of natural fresh water pearl on the Chinese history.Jot down according to the history cultural heritage, this kind of pearl mainly produces from lake and river of Heilongjiang river valley, as a result again have lake bead of call.Japan uses to the pearl shell of farming fresh water bead is belong to Hyriopis Schegeli of Yi shell(pond Die clam), but China use to farming fresh water pearl of mainly is the plait line hat clam(CristariaPlicata),triangle Fan clam(Hyriopsis cumingi) and carry on the back the lump beautiful clam and clam etc., the pearl cultivating by triangle Fan clam among them is worth of tallest.

Qian donkey

2011-Mar-20, 11:58

Ta Kung Pao:Again stir-fry to make "govern only" subject Qian donkey of Tsai Ying-wen to exhaust all tricks embarrassed Tai now
Declared to take part in the people of "president" primary election inside the party to unexpectedly take the cremated ashes your work of the father of Ma Ying-jiu Wu recently into chairman Tsai Ying-wen of party an article.Hong Kong 《Ta Kung Pao 》18 daily publications ask to point out, common saying says "the dead is big, He Gu Shou this leads long tired", Tsai Ying-wen doesn't respect first a person and make many Zengs, the campaign opening gun operates "govern only a subject", more convex now people enter party Qian the donkey exhaust all tricks of embarrassed Tai.

The full text takes off a plait as follows:

Ma Ying-jiu father, Ma Hao2 , traverses to die of illness in 2005, at time of death the front still doesn't forget a cross-straits to unify, as a result its cremated ashes altar up engraves to have a scrolls:"Turning is only gradually all and develop China completely.Help strong hand weak, together head into greatly and together."Tsai Ying-wen means while accepting a medium special visiting recently, Ma Hao2 traverses of cremated ashes up engrave the certain context of having"turn only and gradually generally", criticize that Ma Ying-jiu is "all parties" and don't love Taiwan.This speech lets person once acquainted with."Election" in 2007 period, Chen Shui Bian3 sneers at Ma Ying-jiu with the same topic"cheat ballot".He says Ma Shi's father and son a heart, Ma Ying-jiu will inherit father ambition, support unifying and betray Taiwan.Invite to criticize a voice as a result.The public opinion inside the island thought at that time, the campaign principal axis should put in the aspects of political views and morals personal integrity of electing, rather than its family's political principle and value.

Obviously, Chen Shui Bian3 that year "steal a chicken not to become eclipse and chases a rice".Oddness BE, Tsai Ying-wen not only didn't absorb precept and on the contrary still trod flat footsteps, if isn't right and wrong cannot distinguished, may be getting more delirious.Not also, Tsai Ying-wen is very awake.Last Friday she the big battle convened a news conference and declared to contend for 2012 "election", originally thinking will rob medium front page, greatly show off.Extremely anticipate, Japan suffers a strong earthquake of nine classes on that afternoon, the extent of disaster is frightened and make it three the news choosing immediately become fait divers and publicizee effect to greatly reduce.Later on several day, the medium inside the island all put attention at government horse how should to nuclear energy crisis up, Ma Ying-jiu on the contrary became "medium focus".For transfering media view, elects to build power for oneself, camp Cai hence heavy stir-fry Chen Shui Bian3 's"cold rice", knowing perfectly welling will ask for many Nus, also regardless the sacrifice.

The people enters the political guest vulgar election custom the behavior have been denouncing.After Tsai Ying-wen picks up Zhang's people into the party, some people inside the island as to it's once delightfully fresh scholar's image sent to the great and earnest hope and expected her with the people of wild jungle personality enter the political guest can have a dissimilarity, like the lotus similar"proceed from dirty mire but don't dye".However, He that lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas, Tsai Ying-wen then"the near green is green", Be involved in a people to enter a party, this big dye vat, it political wrist with talk tone already and party domestic affairs the guest is exactly the same.In fact, she leads people to pound at police's defense line at the end of in 2008, protesting against two will leader talks and cause the police and the people's being in physical confliction, delightfully fresh image already the one night to the utmost ruin.

Worther what to pay attention to BE, Tsai Ying-wen lends loosing of Ma Hao2 Ling to wish to again take "govern only a subject" and show that the cross-straits problem will be one of its campaign principal axises.And its position is also very obvious and pass to button up "red hat" for Ma Ying-jiu, own convex"only parties" position now.Certainly, Tsai Ying-wen may not dare"only" the word hangs by the side of the mouth, hence"love Taiwan", "Taiwanese approbation" then became "the smoke plays".The operation"govern only subject", takes an ethnicity antinomy, is a people into the party election of consistently use trick, because the achievement has nothing good to report and has to draw on votes with the empty and incendiary slogan.Look back these three in the last yearses, the people enters a party on flat corruption problem in the house, don't dare to publicize "anti- be greedy for Fu";On the cross-strait relation, still carry out "the pedestal is only" route.In fine, the people after entering a party resign doesn't know a self-reflection, didn't make as well a deep change, tries to ask that party to take what reconstruction votes of confidence?Take an ethnicity problem in the campaign opening gun from Tsai Ying-wen, it is thus clear that the people enters a party is already a Qian donkey to exhaust all tricks.

Tsai Ying-wen not only attackstones Ma Ying-jiu father first, to Ma Ying-jiu also the Ye Yu is some kind of and sneer at its hair style tidy is "building to make", it is thus clear that the future isn't kind.If she is in the party line, and Ma Ying-jiu formally to definitely of in the process, don't know to still need to play what pattern.But the election strategy of this kind of character assassination type, finally whether will change into a people to enter the ballot of party, cause suspicion very much

DUI expat serves community

2011-Feb-27, 08:21

 A BRITON who was punished for driving under the influence of alcohol was on duty as a volunteer to guide pedestrians Friday.

    Kenny Lampkin, who obtained a Chinese driving license seven years ago, had 12 points deducted when he was caught on Christmas Eve for drink driving.

    To redeem his points, he must participate in training, serve the community and pass written tests.

    Lampkin went to the intersection of Lianhua Road and Xinzhou Road at 1:50 p.m. Friday for two hours of voluntary service. He also took his Chinese wife and his pet dog.

    “It is a good idea and it is a chance for us to give back the community for our driving offenses,” said Lampkin, before changing into a vest for the voluntary work.

    Lampkin was happy with the way traffic-rule offenders were treated because “you can learn something from it.”

  &n bsp; Before going on duty, Lampkin underwent two days of training, watching videos and listening to lessons about Chinese traffic rules.

    “I will never drive under the influence of alcohol because it would pose a danger to motorists and pedestrians,” he said.

    Lampkin, who now lives in Buji, Longgang District, came to Shenzhen seven years ago and was an English teacher. He was caught when he drove to Buji Hospital on Christmas Eve.

    “A friend invited me for a drink of medicinal liquor that afternoon, but I had a stomachache, or possible stomach bleeding that evening. I jumped into the car and was driving to the hospital when police intercepted me for a test,” said Lampkin, a driver of 17 years.

    The U.K. legal limit for a driver is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood, the same as in China.

    For the offense of driving or attempting to drive over the prescribed alcohol limit, the driver’s license will be suspended for a year, as well as a fine. If the test shows the blood-alcohol content is up to 120 mg, the suspension could be extended to 18 months and the maximum sentence will be six months in prison.

    Drivers refusing to take a breath test or a blood test will be banned from driving for 18 months to 2 years.



Access and SAP

2010-Dec-28, 07:15

South water north's adjusting is an important marine hydraulic engineering, the influence is profound, must carry on well, dependable argument, withstand a historical examination, be responsible for the descendant posterity.

Adjusting water is a system engineering,
have to orchestrate to give attention to both.

The water conservancy department total programming puts forward a good standpoint, is a south water north adjusting engineering not only need to solve the northern water resources seriously runs short a problem, also need to carry out the reasonable allocations of Yangtze River, river four greatest river valleys in Huaihe, yellow river and sea water resources, form the water net of "four horizontal three Zongses".This is an overall situation of, the standpoint of system, the orchestration considers to adjust water area and is subjected to economic efficiency of water area, social efficiency and ecosystem efficiency.

The end purpose that the south water north adjusts repairs water for north and makes north economic, society and ecosystem get a healthy development and also want to make river Chinese river valley in the meantime of economic, society and ecosystem get a healthy development, this is called "the double wins".Make use of natural behavior service, have to follow natural regulation.I specially concern downstream, Yangtze River downstream in the man river and go out to sea oscular ecosystem and adjust water future reunion to have what influence.Some problems are hard to anticipate, the variety of nature usually outruns people's imagination.On this problem, should also allow to announce a different opinion.Listen to different opinion more, can make our projects been getting more perfect.The influence that adjusts water to the downstream in the man river for the sake of the decrease, the project arranged to lead benefit man, prosperous vital point of river, parts of Zha station extension tie department channels whole cure engineering.These measure is enough not enough, can also very good argument.Debt after don't waiting history to calculate for us.

Our policy wants to tend benefit to avoid to harm, think difficulty much some, chase a work well done some, as far as possible reduce disadvantageous influence.Therefore, practical solution adjusts the outstanding problem of water engineering so much and mainly is ecosystem problem and cures a dirty problem and immigrates a problem.

The college’s unique approach in training students to become experts in Human Resources Management sees a focus on: human planning, recruitment, selection, orientation, employee training and development, occupational health and safety, compensation and benefits, employee relations, labour relations and human resource management systems. In addition to these standard topics, current trends are covered as is diversity, human rights, the promotion of positive union and management relations. The program also balances the Human Resources aspects with business administration through training on how to analyze and interpret financial and accounting information for decision-making purposes. Finally, the use of integrated human resource systems software and computer skills to manage information and support decision-making is taught. This teaching is facilitated through the use of microcomputer training in popular business software such as Excel, Access and SAP.

There are many benefits in attending this program at Centennial College. First and foremost, the first three semesters of the Human Resources Management are common to all business programs, which provides you with a good overview of business administration before you being to specialize in one area. It also gives you the opportunity to switch majors if you realize that this program is not for you. If you choose to stay in the program and achieve the minimum C grade average (2.0 GPA) needed to graduate, you may be eligible to participate in an articulated program with selected universities, institutes and professional associations. These partnerships allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study. The Human Resources Management program’s partners include: Athabasca University, Lakehead University, Northwood University U.S.A.,
Royal Roads University, Ryerson University, and University of Lethbridge.


Scholar Description

2010-Dec-16, 06:39

Scholarship Description: To help support the University of Bath’s world-class research environment and to provide doctoral training for outstanding individuals seeking specifically to pursue professional academic careers, the School of Managementis seeking applications for its ‘Overseas’ PhD Studentships. ‘Overseas’ PhD Studentships (worth approximately £25,000 per annum for 3 years) are open to international (ie, non-UK/EU) candidates who have both (i) exceptional academic qualifications and (ii) a strong commitment to acquiring a professional research training to become management academics.

Sen Ni Wei Er in Asian net, California gives or gets an electric shock on December 16, 2010-let the television everywhere can see
Telegent Systems(Tai view information science and technology) the company release it today the fourth generation TLG1123 imitate ambulation
The television receives a chip solution.With applied extensive of the TLG1120 compare, the TLG1123 imitates ambulation television
The chip adopted new operation procedure, while improving TV screen quality and watching an experience, let up further
Size and achievement consume.This solution still adopted to move a television with the future Tai view emulation and the number to receive chip
Of front to pin-to-pin and permit, ensured that the customer's design to PCB investment can make on several cellular phone model numbers

Appearance quality, size and achievement that bring the next generation higher Class consumed TLG1123 to combine a Tai view
Picture Vivid Engine(PVE picture processing engine), raised the stability and clear degree of appearance,
Particularly aim at to act video frequency more, this for ensure that the high-quality ambulation watches experience but speech while watching an athletics game BE
Very important.With industry standard of 1120 compare, this 65 Na rices solution consumes the achievement to reduce for three centses it
A, and for develop lately- designed customer to provide 6 × 6 millimeters ofs pack and make thus design the size reduced 35%.

TLG1123 the solution for packing didn't need external crystal and lowered system cost further.
Brought a customer who keep on the improvement to experience personally TLG1123 to still integrate accordingto the bright degree, contrast degree and tone of hardware
And the saturation degree adjust to control and make the manufacturer able to establish these to adjust to control on the customer's interface and make the consumer able to be better
The ground control watches an experience.This solution still adopted a filter from the orientation audio frequency, thus excellent turned an useless sound

Repeatedly the percolation of contents, and raised the biggest exportation volume level.
Provide to move the pin-to-pin of television product with future Tai view and permit the design of TLG1123 to in general usely lead

The feet allotment is foundation and carried out with future imitate to move a television to receive chip with number of front to and permit, ensure factory
Company can in several cellular phone model numbers and aim at to again make use of in the design of the dissimilarity ambulation television standard region to should establish
Investment of accounting.

Research interests in any field of management will be considered, from exceptional candidates from anywhere in the world (outside the EU), and from any prior disciplinary background. Applications are welcomed from genuinely outstanding graduates who must:

Many business owners are jumping on the social networking bandwagon, creating profiles for their companies and offering support through their pages. However, social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can oftentimes get out of hand. People can write comments, put up pictures and give away information about themselves that can come back to haunt them.

It’s important to remember that online slander can and often does extend to social media sites. If you as a business owner have a personal site, chances are your clients – and your enemies – can find you and use any bit of information that is even remotely incriminating to your detriment.

Your competitors and enemies can also put up gossip and negative comments on their own sites, questioning your company image and morale. zigekloge ljgioegei jligexaegb

Register A Singapore

2010-Dec-6, 06:25

It is important that entrepreneurs who are planning to register a company in Singapore are knowledgeable enough on what things are much needed for the registration. Being knowledgeable on the registration requirements and process will make the registration fast and enable businessmen to operate immediately. Singapore is globally known to be one of the most successful countries in the business world. Because of this reputation, we would like to present to you some basic considerations that will help you register a Singapore company.

Company Name: An eligible company name should be approved by the Accounting Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore.

Shareholders: It is valid if the company do have at least one corporate or individual shareholding and a maximum of 50 shareholders. Shareholders can either be 100% foreigner or a combination of resident and foreign shareholders.
The business consultant of Asiabizservices says that a private company has a group of shareholders that cannot exceed 50 and which cannot ask the public to invest in it. Its capital is raised among the small group of shareholders privately or through availing bank loans.

“In the Articles of Association submitted to ACRA during its registration, the rules governing the transfer of share and the internal affairs of the company are stipulated.”

Hence, the shareholders ought to seek for an approval from directors before shares can be sold or transferred.

In exempt private, its shareholders are all natural persons exceeding not more than 20. Exempt private companies are exempted from filing their financial accounts, however, they are obliged to submit their annual tax returns to ACRA. Also, during its registration, the company director should sign a certificate verifying that the company can meet its liabilities, that is is an exempt private company, and its annual accounts are presented before its shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

A limited liability partnership maintains perpetual succession. In its name, the company is entitled to own or dispose assets and engage in lawsuit. Its members may agree on how profits and losses are disseminated.

To register, Asiabizservices continues saying, “there should be 1 local resident director who is either a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.” The person could also be qualified should that individual is a foreigner yet holds a labor pass.

Singapore provides financial assistance to small and medium enterprises. It also devised financial programs to help foreign companies establish a regional office in Singapore. terbbgju hkoythfn hrtedjnfdujtru

Neuropathy Study

2010-Nov-21, 07:49

Diabetic neuropathy can termed as a damage of the nerves that happens due to diabetic issues. When this impairment is connected to the injuries of hands, legs, arms and legs, then it is recognized as diabetes peripheral neuropathy.

What are the indications of Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Examples of the usual signs and symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy can be potrayed as: 1. Lack of feeling of the feet 2. Muscle weakness as well as differences in the appearance of the legs 3. Dehydration of the legs 4. Skin will become cracked

Individuals encountering diabetes peripheral neuropathy may have the chance of rising foot ulcers that might result in gangrene. Gangrene is associated to tissue death especially in the feet.

Types of Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy:

Mainly there are two kinds of diabetic peripheral neuropathy for example sensory neuropathy andmotor neuropathy. In the sensory neuropathy, there is a impairment in the nerves that in reality transfers the messages about feelings on the extremeties to the human brain while in motor neuropathy, there is a impairment to the nerves which communicate the messages about movement from the human brain to the peripheral muscles.

Treatment: what could be cures of Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy?

Any diabetic person can develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy, especially those having high levels of blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy might take place at any age but is more common with the increasing age and severity and period of diabetes. But there are medicines accessible for the same. The most apparent cure is to have a self-control on the blood sugar levels. Or the sufferes can go for the physical remedy so as to diminish the troubles. The remedy of diabetic peripheral neuropathy consists of medicines to help minimize pain and other feelings. Alternative therapy included acupuncture and biofeedback.


Precautions: what are the precautions of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy?

There is some precaution which individual can perceive to inhibit the issues of peripheral neuropathy. The preventions are: 1 .Keep watching the legs plus legs daily. 2. Always apply certain ointments if your skins are becoming dehydrated. 3. Obtain nice care of the nails frequently. 4. Every time try to wear right footwear and put on them at all times so as to stop foot damage.   pengyoude tiangeisel faoges

Office Furniture

2010-Nov-15, 06:40

Running a business is no easy thing. You have to keep a thousand things in mind all at once and you’re always on the run, always looking out for a way to make your life easier and your business stronger. That is something that everyone who runs a business understands. But, one thing that is often over looked can have a huge hand in how much extra effort you have to put in in order to keep yourself and your employees a float. You know what I’m talking about, right? Office Furniture.

The most important change office furnishing can have is how they affects your workers. Everyone knows that a happy worker will produce more and a higher quality product. Have you ever been in an office where the filing cabinets stick, the chairs wobble, and the desks give you splinters every time you go to pick something up? This is not a good work situation.

Things like these may seem insignificant to someone passing through. But, for the individuals who spend much of their time in a place like this, these little things can boil into a mountain of unhappiness. It is important to show your workers that you care enough to ensure their work place is comfortable.

Have you ever been to a pet shop where they had tubs of food in the shapes of dogs or cats? Have you ever seen a teacher with a table shaped like an apple? These are tools individuals who want something from another use, to get that person in the mood to provide whatever is wished for. This can be used in much of the same way at your business. Getting furniture to match the mood, feel, and product you wish to promote is a simple and fun way to further your agenda while ensuring good quality.

The durability of your furniture pieces is also something you should keep in mind. Will that high gloss polish work if employees are working with something slippery? Should you have stone edges on your tables when employees work with balloons? Of course not! Instead you should ensure that your furnishing match the needs of your work environment.

Another thing to consider is print. When you are choosing furniture that will be in the office space try to remember that really busy or confusing patterns tend to hurt your employees. The heavier the pattern the harder it can be for some people to concentrate. A little touch of the complex can be nice but don’t go overboard!

Don’t forget to consider any vermin that may be in your office. Some pests enjoy certain kinds of material so you should find out which kinds of creature frequent the places you wish to put offices and ensure they are protected. You may also want to steer clear of anything that will entice them.

When you really think about it you’ll see what a big change your office furniture can make. If you want to be successful you have to look at every possible way to improve, and follow it. Keep this in mind next time you want to add anything to your offices region are available in every possible style and size. You can purchase that range from traditional to the most contemporary designs.    xiwanga zhaodao dingdong

criminal records

2010-Oct-22, 12:28

Still, she admitted, the practice has its critics, as some local officials, employers, and victim-support groups worry it may weaken the law's punitive function and embolden criminals.

"For juvenile offenders, our job is more to educate than to punish them," Shao said. "China has a saying: 'Once mistake and you will regret it for life.' We are about to change that."

Court authorities have yet to stipulate national standards, she noted.

During the trial period, offenders under 18 years of age and sentenced to less than three years in jail or

detention have their criminal records cleared upon serving their jail term.
Juvenile courts across China have started erasing the criminal records of some underage convicts, to prevent them from facing discrimination upon discharge from prison.

The practice, common in the West, is being trialed in China, where young people applying to enter the armed forces and some jobs are required by law to have their criminal records checked, said Shao Wenhong, a retired Supreme People's Court senior judge.

Shao, now president of the People's Court Daily, said on the sidelines of the Beijing Forum for Human Rights on Thursday that if the trial is successful, the practice will be codified into law.

"It will be a big step forward for the protection of rights in the Chinese judicial system," Shao said.
   starte ouexz lvwvoe lovew

prevent cancer relapse, metastasis

2010-Aug-22, 07:52

 The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) developed an efficacious vaccine to prevent relapse and metastasis of cancer, the official news agency KCNA reported on Thursday.

The vaccine had been developed to prevent liver, lung, stomach and other cancers from relapse and metastasis after operation, said its developer Ri Il Hun, a section chief of the Tumor Institute under the Academy of Medical Science.

"According to nearly 10 years of animal experiments, its cancer growth suppression rate is as high as 68.8 percent," he said.

Ri added that the clinical examinations of some 600 patients operated for liver, lung and stomach cancers show that the efficacy of the vaccine is 54 percent, 32.8 percent and 20.3 percent higher than other medicines in five-year survival rate.
hezuohuoban tianhuangdilao

in Africa

2010-Jul-25, 07:45

The ongoing 15th African Union (AU) summit is committed to deciphering the decades-long mystery of the high maternal mortality in Africa, which contributes to about 47 percent of global maternal deaths with sub-Saharan Africa accounting for the lion's share.

Money has long been regarded as the panacea to the chronic disease of maternal deaths in the region. A universal belief is that "the buck stops with bucks" in Africa since insufficient funding has led to lack of health services and facilities, medical personnel brain drain of and deficient pre- and post-natal care.

But money is not the only reason behind the alarmingly high maternal mortality in Africa. A few other elements are also to blame on the paradox of "losing life while giving life" on the continent.

In most African rural areas, expectant mothers are mostly taken care of by traditional birth attendants at their households, rather than at hospitals which are of longer distance and higher cost. The typical and entrenched mentality is that "Since my mom and mom's mom deliver at home, why cannot I?" So the mothers-to-be turn to midwives in the villages or untrained relatives or friends.

According to the recently released UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report 2010, only 46 percent of the deliveries in the sub-Saharan Africa are attended by skilled health personnel in 2008, a stark contrast to the average figures in the world's developing regions and the developed regions that stand at 63 percent and 99 percent respectively.

Even in Kenya, East Africa's largest economy, more than 56 percent of the pregnant women choose to deliver at home.

Christopher Omolo, a senior manager at the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, said that some women who gave birth at home did not think a clinic was necessary. But the harsh truth is that poorly equipped with merely a wad of cloth and a pair of scissors, even the most experienced midwife in the village will find it impossible to handle deadly labor complications such as hemorrhage and high blood pressure.

Thus a large number of avoidable maternal deaths become inevitable.

Besides, harmful cultural practices, especially female mutilation (FGM), contribute significantly to the maternal deaths across Africa. It is estimated that FGM is still practiced in over 28 African countries. World Health Organization statistics showed that an estimated 92 million girls from 10 years of age and above have undergone FGM in Africa.

In many African rural areas, the FGM operations, which may lead to irreversible damage to a girl's reproductive organ, are being conducted under poor medical conditions, leaving the bleeding genital area to heal itself. The cruel cultural practice adds to risks of hemorrhage, infection and obstructed labor in the girls' future delivery, which may undoubtedly cause more maternal deaths.

Days ago, Ugandan activists against female genital mutilation were requesting that it be included among the issues to be discussed during the ongoing AU summit.

Another reason behind the high maternal mortality in Africa is women's inferior social status. The high rates of maternal mortality highlight the issue of gender inequality in Africa, the AU Commissioner for Social Affairs Bience Gawanas told media before the summit.

African women's inferiority to men leads to school dropouts and forced early marriages. A woman without proper education would not be self-protective in terms of reproductive health and a teenage forced into early marriage risks her unprepared body in the intercourse, both of which may raise the maternal death odds.

The UN MDG report indicated that the number of teenage pregnancies per 1,000 women in sub-Sahara has remained as high as 120 since 1990 while the figures for East Asia and the world's developing regions on average stand at five and 52 respectively.

At present estimates, if no urgent corrective measures are taken, 2.5 million maternal deaths and 49 million maternal disabilities will hit the continent in the next decade. Africa needs to address the multiple concerns rather than regarding the issue of high maternal mortality merely as a problem of money.

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sale engagement

2010-Jul-4, 11:50

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for prostate cancer patients

2010-Jun-3, 02:07

Prostate cancer patients who choose surgery have longer survival rate than those who refuse the treatment, a study shows.

"Surgery has been shown to offer a survival advantage to patients with prostate cancer when compared with other treatment options," said study lead author Naveen Pokala, M.D., an urologist at Henry Ford Hospital.

The study findings were presented on Tuesday at the ongoing annual meeting of the American Urology Association in San Francisco.

The findings show that men who refuse surgery for prostate cancer and instead opt for "watchful waiting" - monitoring cancer progression without undergoing treatment - have a significantly worse long-term survival rate than those patients that choose radiotherapy.

A 10-year overall survival rate is 51 percent for patients who refused any treatment for their prostate cancer, compared to 68 percent for those who chose radiation treatment, according to the study. The research, a population-based analysis of 9,704 patients chosen from the National SEER database, looked at survival rates among men with a mean age of 64.4 years, of whom 77 percent were white and 16.4 percent black.

Of that group, nearly 30 percent refused any treatment for their prostate cancers, and about 70 percent chose radiation therapy.

Within the group, six percent had well-differentiated cancers, 75 percent moderately differentiated cancers, and 18 percent had poorly differentiated cancer.

More than 70 percent of the patients were unmarried. In all, African American men older than 65 had the worst prognosis.

An earlier study published in 2009 showed that surgery improves 5-, 10- and 15-year survival rates for men younger than 50 with moderately and especially in poorly differentiated prostate cancers, when compared with other standard treatments such as radiation therapy or watchful waiting.

Prostate cancer is second only to skin cancer as the most common cancer in American men, affecting one in six during his lifetime. The majority of the cases are in men older than 65, but it is becoming more prevalent in men under 40.

It affects black men twice as often as whites, and their mortality rate is also twice as high.


Tangerine, orange, medical value of shaddock

2009-Dec-22, 08:37

Tangerine, orange, medical value of shaddock
The tangerine, orange, shaddock distinguish that it is just beneficial to eat carefully

On the fruit stall of the north, the tangerine, orange, shaddock can be regarded as " main road " the most Fruit. Depth one getting yellow crust, one petal of pulps, three they though there is very manily bad stature, but the feature is very much the same. However, a lot of people " disposition " to these three kinds of fruits eaten for many years But not qcquainted with, the tangerine will eat too much " the fire has been heavy " ,The orange, shaddock are responsible for "  Put out the fire " . Chinese medicine doctor to the tangerine, orange, the shaddock one "  The personality " Have analyzed, help you to eat well, eat fruits correctly one by one for you.


Open to hold in place with a net, reduce phlegm qi and blood living  " temper "  But have a little "  Cruel"

" disposition "   Sex flat and warm, bad smell sweet and sour, have promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, and efficiency that stomach moisten the lung. In addition, the peel of the tangerine is used as medicine and called dried orange peel, there is relieving cough, invigorate the spleen and the result of the stomach of regulating the flow of vital energy drily wetly, reduce phlegm; Vascular aurantii (netted collateral channels on the flesh of tangerine) Have open ability of holding reducing phlegm, pleasant blood circulation promoting in place with a net too. However, the tangerine " temper " A little " fiery " ,So it is apt to get angry to eat too much.

The suitable crowd has deficiency of stomach-Yin, mouth that do the persons of symptoms such as drinking, hiccup regurgitation, cough,etc. more, have certain therapeutic effect eat, especially right to cough, breathe heavily 10 of patient " to the ill " .

Careful to eat every crowd appear abdominal distension, person who digest after a meal often, either mouth do but like, drink more, stool number of times and unobstructed more, and physique overweight person, is better to eat less, in case that " add fuel to the flames " .


The treatment eats few and light few mouths  Diabetes patient "  The holy fruit "

" disposition "   Sex cold and cool, bad smell acid greater than sweet, have, clear away heat, raise overcast promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, moistening the lung reducing phlegm, clear enteric profit efficiency of relieving oneself, can cure food little, mouth widowed light, indigestion,etc. symptom. And modern medical science discover, besides containing abundant vitamin C in the pulp of the shaddock, the containing type insulin composition yet, can lower blood glucose, and the variety is good with shaddock, pomelo shaddock in Shatian.

The suitable crowd has body of deficiency of Yin thin, digestive function weakening, vexed timid dry all relatively suitable symptom persons, the person who suffers from hyperlipemia, chronic digestive function obstacle should eat in right amount too. Need to especially point out, a lot of fruits are regarded as " the formidable enemy " by the diabetic ,The shaddock is theirs "  The holy fruit " ,Can eat in right amount under the guidance of doctor.

Careful to eat crowd to be shaddock the same as fruits, although a fine to can't eat either one immoderate. Take shaddock to have taboo too, for example appear four limbs edema, afraid cold to fear cold, abdominal distension, diarrhoea, stool often rare half congealed getting shapeless people of symptom, should eat few.


There is many VC to replenish vital essence and remove heat  " personality "  Bring slightly " cold-bloodedly "

" disposition "   Sex a little cool, bad smell sour and sweet, have, replenish vital essence and remove heat, promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, invigorate the spleen and spurt the efficiency that the liver nourishes the stomach. In addition, " past master " that the orange relieves alcoholic intoxication The first, and contain abundant vitamin C (VC) .

Suitable crowd: It is irritated and hot, drink thirstily more, whether or indigestion that deficiency of stomach-Yin caused, drink excessive, nausea vomit at the question, there is no harm in eat more orangesing, especially secrete reducing to those hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and the fat of blood, the disorderly one of blood glucose are more suitable. Because orange contain abundant vitamin C, so want, strengthen people of immunity might as well eat more in winter.

Eat crowds carefully  Because the orange "  The personality " Bring slightly " cold-bloodedly " ,So the spleen and stomach are timid and cold, is afraid coldly and afraid coolly, the person of abdominal distension should eat few after the meal, will make symptom or condition become more serious so as not to eat too much.

Relevant chaining? Grow and eat it

Peel porridge of tangerine  Shaddock and tea  Invigorate yin and moisten the lung "  The fruit treatment " 

Besides growing and eating, in cold winter, also use " staple goods " of these three kinds of fruits as luck would have it ,The efficiency of the food therapy can arise to. The ones that introduce several kinds of climate which is suitable for Beijing below "  The fruit treatment "  .

 Peel porridge of tangerine

Method: While boiling the porridge of rice, put the small clean tangerine peels of several before water boils, endure together with rice and is familiar with.

Curative effect: Cough phlegm more or feel chest abdominal distension all over people often winter, often eat and can slow down symptom.

 Orange sparerib

Method: Slice, clean sparerib, ginger slice, spring onions slice, fetch 2 orange, a half cut the thin slice, the rest are pressed into a juice; The sparerib section is precise with salt, chicken, honey, orange juice are stired evenly, and put slightly; Sparerib enter oil cauldron little fire fry to golden yellow, then pull out out the pan, yard is put into the plate neatly, put several slices of orange thin slices above; A small amount of oil is put in the pan, quench into the orange juice, add a little water starch and thicken soup, water it on the sparerib and orange thin slice.

Curative effect: Replenish vital essence and remove heat, promote and digest.

 Honey shaddock and tea
|||||||| || | | | | |
Method: Clean a shaddock, steep for 5 minutes with the warm water; Dry the shaddock, pare the lower epidermis and cut a filament, peel the pulp the seed, make into a mud form with the mixer; Quench all of mud of pulp and skin into the clean pan, add a little water, crystal sugar to stir while boiling, it is sticky to boil expiring by; Cool, add honey to mix thoroughly; Put the shaddock and tea into clean container to seal, stand for 10-15 days and can eat.


Food therapy of raising the liver

2009-Dec-22, 08:36

Food therapy of raising the liver
Chinese medicine thinks, raise the liver and make food a priority, the correct food therapy can help the liver to arrange and regulate the flow of vital energy maliciously.

Expert think water-melon have, clear away heat, detoxify irritated quench the thirst, function that diuresis step down, the ones that first elect raise the liver naturally "  Good medicine " . Because the water-melon moisture is plentiful, a lot of people think that it means drinking water to eat water-melons. However, the candy that a water-melon includes is equivalent to two apples or pears, if eat water-melons, the quantity of other fruits will be reduced.

In addition, tomato, lemon, plum,etc. all well protect liver vegetables and fruits too.

Drink tea grow liver good method, chrysanthemum, green tea, honey, Matrimony vine,etc. may make tea and raise the liver very too.

In addition, the nuts of walnut-meat, American pistachios,etc., it is anxious to often eat and can disperse the depressed liver-energy and regulate the flow of vital energy, relieve. Soybeans and the soyfood contain abundant protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, B clan vitamin and a small amount of fat, it is very beneficial to repair the liver.

|,|, The insufficient person as to diseases with such symptoms as costal pain,etc., if there is complexion that turns to be yellow, can't sleeps well, often feels the timid disease, can eat animal's liver once every week, raise the liver with the liver.

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Chinese consul general

2009-Jul-3, 12:52

Chinese consul general to Houston mound win cloud and vice consul general Mr. and Mrs. is and cultural, educational consul seven 8 people show up and participate in to sign to sell the book. Mound consul general say high works of Qian understand for U.S.A. peer China help greatly deliver a speech, call her the goodwill ambassador in U.S.A. in China. This is very great encouragement to her. 
Academician of U.S.A. national technical college Dr. Harris once went to China on behalf of World Bank and development item of the United Nations, met by state leaders such as Deng Xiaoping,etc. many times. He and wife Elizabeth visit China 30 more than, read the first draft of the diary publish " whether the west to the east " book, yet in high Qian, mailed a card for high Qian, wrote many that encouraged, and then would urge and publish this book. As soon as the book was published, he bought 20 to give to his friends. One day, he and his wife told us excitedly, they found unexpectedly, have, sell " the west get the east " in Beijing Friendship Store of hotel, cheerfully to deposit book buy all store they, give on every people in Beijing, he wife say to someone else very proudly: "This writer is our friend! "   
Act as the good cheering squad (2)   
To the child's every activity, parents should participate in, act as the good cheering squad too. Participate in enthusiastically, praise appropriately, really appreciate children from the deep of the heart, will bring and encourage much more strongly good result than the empty mouth. The compliment ardent to the child of the person around, is the powerful motive force that the child advances too. Thus, the growing up healthy and sound of a child, the warm, friendly interpersonal environment that can't leave.     
Move towards the society  Do not make " the bottom hole tortoise "   
Go out of the door and widen knowledge   
--Begin from talent's juvenile centre 
Let children go out of the door, participate in the after-school activities, go to the external world to have a look more, get to know different culture background, person of the personality characteristic, can widen the visual field, increase experience, will bring the benefited influence all one's life on the early development of intelligence and communication ability. 
When high Qian is in grade five, learn accidentally from the school famous Johns John Hopkins University has " talent's juvenile centre " ,Abbreviated as CTY (Center for Talent Youth) ,Every summer run the project in summer vacation time for the students in middle and primary schools. 
Johns John Hopkins University is an extremely well-known university. This university made 26 the Nobel laureates altogether. This Buddhist nuns of psychology professors of school Julien and Stein established talent's juvenile centre in 1972, this centre has been already for those precocious ones "  The talent " The teenager offers more advanced course and offers and expands the chance of knowledge after class, it is confirmed toward this centre to pass at the same time"  The talent " The teenager studies, form it to " talent " Share and consult in the teenager's special education, research, analysis, information dissemination, and even offer a whole set of service for formulation of the public policy. 
Learning this information, I expect suddenly, this is a good chance to train the child. I have made a telephone, receive the project manual of summer vacation time of 1993 soon, know CTY opened the study class for the students all around the world every summer vacation time from it, five, six grade except that there are mathematics, English, writing course that student offer among them, there is course which general primary schools do not make, for instance drama literature, the United Nations, international relations, environmental science, geography and world culture,etc., these courses were obviously offered for the leading precocious children of thinking. 
Centre this offer course charge nearly 2 000 dollars 3 week. But CTY offers the scholarships of different grades. We have analyzed that think high Qian can be expected to obtain scholarships. First, she once got several the one, second place in the border mathematics match at school; Second, she studies law, the west, Chinese leadingly; Third, she leading to test SAT have an examination, SAT score has up to 940 already. The achievement in that year, divide tall and big about 20 even than the whole America high school the middle of examinee, it is that it is divided in the middle of students that the ordinary university enrolls. 
Have described above these condition as foundation to apply for scholarship, left thing to ask Mr. to write the recommendation, write the cover letter, write an application thesis, add one more Resume by oneself. These are not required by application procedures, but I give her the idea happening. 
The pen and ink without sparing of coach Mrs. Williams of mathematics of high Qian, has written a recommendation. She says in the letter: "High Qian participated in the regional elementary mathematics contest of high school in February of this year, got the first trophies of the groups of grade six, mark of her have higher best results than seven grade and eight grade group '   Grade six to eight uses the same examination paper  ),Over the past 5 years, I have led the students to participate in this match, the score of high Qian is my best result being seen during these years " ; " in the classroom, I have had experience of her incredible abundant knowledge " ; " whether she love, study really, face cover with, smile always, have bright attitudes to life " . Finally, she has also written a word like this: "I must not imagine besides Qian, who else can enjoy such an honor, obtain such a scholarship. " Use the such one "  Tough" The word is written with the recommendation, it is easy to find out the great kindness to her of this teacher. 

Play the video game

2009-Apr-16, 12:52

Geng DongLiang has arranged a sentence of lies, but can not say. Geng DongLiang have to say honestly: "Play the video game. " 
"I have waited for you for one afternoon. You make me angry. " The look of the bright jade tablet is said seriously, " you are degenerating, my child. " 
The supposition accumulates the algae and brings in an iced water-melon. She puts the water-melon on the tabletop, says softly: "Children are all so old, you always say the so unpleasant words. " Geng DongLiang stands in the middle where bright jade tablet and supposition accumulate the algae. No " look like " Face parents, " yes " Face parents. 
The bright jade tablet is very excited. But can restrain. He leaves up, has struck two shoulders of Geng DongLiang's with both hands, " you look   We agreed   We have our plans. " 
It is on in silence in the east to be dedicated. His shoulders feel the tremble of the bright jade tablet. He is restraining. 
" the new term begins you live in be my family before, " Bright jade tablet say " I can see you become a wild horse. " 
Geng DongLiang talked suddenly. He even gives oneself a start too as soon as he opened one's mouth. Geng DongLiang says: "I want to play on a summer vacation carefully, I do not want to sing, I am a little tired. " 
Geng DongLiang does not believe either that will explain this sentence by oneself, but but there are a share of one that can not says easily after explaining. This sentence is a mouthful of phlegm, it seems to have some day an inside of his throat to stop up. Geng DongLiang knows this sentence will be vomited from one's own mouth sooner or later, can't swallow.   

we want to do intelligence in hope

2009-Mar-5, 12:17

You want to do better, the realistic condition is not allowed. You want to do better, but you are tired, the health is not allowed. You want to do better, your interpersonal relationships do not have so many conditions. 
Your hope and reality are always in the contradiction. 
This kind of contradiction is very essential, wound people very much. This is wounded, we can say nobody basic can avoid. Unless produce house to the temple, must practise Buddhism or Taoism very well, the general monk is still not all right. Sometimes I go in the temple, the expression is very vulgar too to see some Buddhist monks, hold the mobile phone, contact the customer very fast at a fast pace, sell to various burning incenses, some still take commission, such a Buddhist monk affirms that there are a lot of selfish ideas and personal considerations too. So I think the contradiction prevent from while being very much difficult generally speaking. 
But big to certain extent, while tormenting us, consuming us in this kind of contradiction, watch out for. 
Bring the literary world to say, some writers are very tall in expectancy to one's own works, the response is mediocre after coming out. Some directors make a film, the course shot is hopeful, but the result is not so ideal. Then, as the writer, as the director, he must feel a pain very much. This kind of lethality is very terrible. 
Expand to the masses ofer crowds, the hope and realistic conflict are general, no one will absolutely avoid. 
Our hope is certainly a bit higher than possibility. If the hope is lower than possibility, would need doing on nothing, would lie there having a rest. 
However, if the disparity between hope and possibility is too big, we will fall into the hope and persecute syndrome. 
Must be sober, control oneself. 
Concrete problem want, analyze what hope suit you, what hope fit for you, what hopes want adjustment. 
Adhere to the hope at some time, the powerhouse, for the wise. Why? This hope of his should insist on, often insists again that succeeds. If give up the hope at this time, or someone advises you to give up the hope, must be wrong. 
However, some hopes should be given up, because it has consumed your energy meaninglessly, the result given up, not because make you get few, but make you consume few. The result consumed few, make you get greater achievement through the same efforts. 
Sometimes some friends and I say that the hope is adjusted, some people do not think is worth listening at the beginning. Why? Because people are not willing to to give up the hope, the hope seems very positive, very the brightness. However, when the hope wounds you, when the goal of making you reach originally is unable to reach, you should know where is wrong. 
So, it is a very great problem of reducing the extraneous expense to prevent the hope from persecuting syndrome. 
Even the person with very high comprehensibility, will often examine this. 
If you can adjust the hope from today, some insist on more yet than the past, some make, subdue a bit, some make some give up, result, you work make getting kind than the past, the body is healthier, the undertaking has succeeded even more, this is named rational hope. 
Be good at working as one's own teacher. 
Saying the words does not want you to just give up, give up and should give up, insist that will insist on. 
Some places should subdue, perhaps some places can also increase too.   
Appendix ¡é?: Dispel 12 kinds of extraneous expense (12)   
The more important thing is the hope and realistic conflict should be within a rational limit. 
As the hope and realistic conflict intensity can stimulate you to create, keep the good state, when and there are certain physical and mental health attitudes, this kind of conflict is rational. 
As this kind of conflict has wounded you, let you consume more, make you worried, let you unable to extricate oneself from a plight, it is unreasonable. 
Hope the friends can review to some extent since present. 
I came over from you step by step so in youth too, I understood you very much. 
Then, a creator, will he have a hope? Must have. 
Adjust one's own hope, it is an essential route to realize hope that oneself should be realized. 
Sometimes I consult, find they have mistaken ideas in life for some young friends, can not do better, even if because the hope is unreasonable, no hope could be realized finally. 
So, |||| we want to do intelligence in hope. 

let you agony

2009-Mar-5, 12:15

The method that the card combs, is a kind of correct behavior. 
Such correct behavior, help you to solve " filling the air consumption " This kind of extraneous expense. 
Eighth, excessive tense and dangerous sense: Overstating consumption 
The fourth kind of surplus consumption, I let, it " overstating consumption " . 
Some lets "  Overstating consumption "  The woolen cloth? Some people are always nervous excessively in life, feel the danger excessively. 
It is essential that the essential one is tense, it is exaggerative that the unnecessary one is tense. 
Sometimes those unnecessary intension takes up one's energy very much. 
The coach wants to make athletes get rid of the unnecessary intension, could give play to the good result. Athletes are not nervous and not all right at all, will want the match tomorrow, he does not also have thing people today. Lifter's competition of tomorrow, eat and drink extravagantly today, will not consider at all whether the weight will be overweight tomorrow. Not tense and not all right at all, but the unnecessary intension wounds people very much.   
Appendix ¡é?: Dispel 12 kinds of extraneous expense (11)   
Certain dangerous sense is needed. For example there is the competition in the work, have crisis awareness to one's own situation. The cooperation between you and customer has a kind of sense of insecurity, fight for. 
But if exaggerate such tense sense, sense of insecurity, dangerous sense, this kind of " overstating consumption " Wound people very much. 
Please pay attention to Lenovo, do you have this kind of consumption? 
If any, must change cognition too, adopt the behavior, to dispel it. 
Ninth, worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships 
We explained four pieces of general inclination just now, explained four kinds of surplus consumption, had already explained eight pieces of extraneous expense. 
What are four pieces of extraneous expense spoken below? 
It is four kinds "  Syndrome "  . 
First, some friends think the organizational affiliation not suitable everywhere, this kind of feeling is very strong, I call it "  The worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships "  . 
Modern's all life in the interpersonal relationships, a lot of people are stranded in the interpersonal relationships. 
Generally speaking, young people discuss the situation, talk about surviving, discuss the pressure, the primary importance is a job, that get in touch closely is almost interpersonal relationships with the work. Some people's interpersonal relationships are smoother, others have unfortunate interpersonal relationships. However, when the smooth person is unfortunate. The interpersonal relationships have relation with higher authorities, the relation with colleague, the relation with subordinate, relation with customer,it have and not work about life last relation. When these relations can not be dealt with suitably, you produced the trouble. 
Fall into this trouble, this kind of syndrome wounds you. 
If you are often stranded in the interpersonal relationships in life, you should watch out for. 
You are tired, develop not ideal enough in your life, a certain discomfort, unhealthy of your health, a certain less than satisfactory in the work, have something to do with this. Because it is perplexing you, the heart that it is assigning you, make you often awkward in the heart. 
This kind is awkward, even more hard than to do the work for one day. 
How to prevent this kind from being hard from pulling out the body in the worried syndrome of interpersonal relationships, it is very important. 
Tenth, hope persecute syndrome 
Second syndrome wound area to be heavy, ask " the hope persecute syndrome " . 
We can often experience, our hope, our purpose and possible contradiction of the reality. 
The |||| contradiction very fierce, let you agony. 

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